Melissa is a gifted healer and teacher whose warmth, wonderful energy and humor infuse her work.

A healing session with her is relaxing, yet powerful, in a beautiful setting by the ocean. Don't miss this! One of the most important aspects of Melissa's work, for me, is her dedication to mentoring her students with ongoing workshops, training, and Reiki Shares, to provide opportunities to practice, share information and continue our Reiki journey. I am so very grateful to be part of the network of healers that Melissa is creating.

Jane D. - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

I discovered Melissa when I was looking for some guidance in Reiki training

And the instant I met her, I knew I'd found a healer, a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. She has a radiant spirit and a kind, open heart - treating yourself to a session with her is one of the most beautiful things you can do. Whether you've never experienced Reiki before or are an experienced Reiki practitioner, a session with Melissa will leave you relaxed, calm and uplifted. Can't recommend her enough - she's simply phenomenal.

Nicki - Fenderson Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master

Melissa has a lovely, healing energy

I just had my first session with Melissa. The spot itself is beautiful with the ocean directly across the street. Her home is so warm and inviting as is Melissa herself and her two beautiful pups Vinny and Marcie. Melissa has a lovely, healing energy I was able to feel as soon as I stepped inside her home! Positive experience and recommend her!

Julie Holden

Exactly what I expected and needed from a healer

Melissa is exactly what I expected and needed from a healer - she is kind, compassionate, and intuitively tunes into your energy to give you the perfect advice and more importantly, the healing that you need. She is full of integrity and truly connected to the light. Her high and loving vibes will always leave you feeling more positive and joyful after a session. I have had three long-distance sessions via phone and Skype with Melissa so far, and I hope to have more sessions with her soon.


Help me grow and shift!

Melissa is a wonderful Reiki healer! Every time I have a session she helps me work through my current challenges to help me grow and shift! I will continue to see her on a regularly!

Kyle Coniglio

Amazingly caring person

Mellissa Redman is an amazingly caring person. Her compassion for people allows her to channel into what each individual needs.


Made me feel right at home

Melissa made me feel right at home from the moment I arrived. Her space is welcoming and comforting. I didn't really know what to expect but walked away feeling like a piece of my personal puzzle had been found/revealed/discovered.

Leah M

Thank you Melissa for your work

I have been wanting to write a review for sometime now and just couldn't seem to find the exact words to express my experience until now. Each time I have a Reiki session I leave with such a profound inner peace, a heart full of Joy and overflowing with Love! My spirit surely soars during my sessions and after! Thank you Melissa for your work and sharing your God given gifts to spread love and light, I am so grateful our paths have crossed! I look forward to each session in your beautiful space!

Trisha G

Very gentle and compassionate throughout

Melissa is a warm and intuitive soul and her energy put me at ease immediately. She instinctively knew exactly what I was needing for the duration of my session, and she was completely in tune with me. She was very gentle and compassionate throughout, and I felt completely safe and at peace when I left. Her expert use of crystals, stones and essential oils to help move my energy through some difficult paths was a wonderful added benefit. I would highly recommend her!

Anna Gravel

Incredibly effective

Melissa is a gifted healer. She was able to pick up on my chakras that needed some attention and shift the energy around. The time flew by and I didn't want to leave! Melissa's use of crystals and oils especially supplements her practice. She has a gentle and kind approach, and an incredibly effective one!

Rachel Horton White

Positively overwhelmed with the results

I have been working with Melissa for the past six months and continue to be positively overwhelmed with the results of the Reiki healing process-and this is a process, not a one-time event. It is difficult to work through the layers of junk we all accumulate in our lives and I can think of no one better to accompany me on this path than Melissa. She is truly intuitive and I trust her to guide me through the challenges that I have faced. She has helped me discover the me I have longed to find.

Carol G

Powerful healer with a beautiful soul

I have used the words amazing, phenomenal, safe, and profound to describe the work that Melissa accomplishes through her Reiki healing sessions with me. There are no words greater than those to convey the power of a session with her. In Melissa's gentle and kind hands, I have been guided to transcend energetic levels of both emotional and physical pain that have impacted my life for many years and found that healing can happen. Melissa is a truly unique and powerful healer with a beautiful soul.

Carol G.

She has skills! Check her out!

Yesterday I took Melissa up on her offer to do an Aroma Touch Therapy session on me and I must say that I was blown away! First off I got to go to her home office right next to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth which alone is an amazing healing location! She brought me up to her treatment room, again over looking the ocean, which is cozy and warm and full of healing energy! The treatment was amazing and relaxing! She uses like 8 different oils in this session and they all smell amazing! I highly recommend a session with Melissa! She has skills! Check her out!

Robin Letarte

Melissa is beyond special!

More like 100 stars! Melissa is truly amazing. Along with her Reiki, she has began Aroma Touch Technique using doTERRA essential oils. The Aroma Touch was a new experience for me that blended mind, body, spirit and scent. As Melissa moved with a seamless pattern, layering the essential oils in a specific order I was transcended. The sweeping movement and natural smelling oils created a total sensory luxury ride and left me feeling grounded, happy, and smelling magical. Melissa is beyond special! Do yourself a favor and experience her wonderful sessions.

Jacqui DeFrança

You will never want it to end!

I had the immense pleasure of experiencing my first Reiki session with Melissa recently. From the first moment I entered a beautiful garden that is beneath the studio and across from the ocean, I felt peace and as if I were in a very safe haven away from the troubles of the world. Melissa is very kind, patient, open and direct. During the session, Melissa took me on a soothing journey via light calming music, crystals, breathing, and a sharing of healing energy. While with her, my mind traveled to new and distant places, visited the past, and I felt a calm I had not felt in years. I was able to acknowledge and release emotions I had not even realized I was holding onto, it was a relaxing and wonderful voyage through my being. Melissa is very gifted and insightful, I highly recommend her services. You will never want it to end!

Megan Small

My thoughts are brighter and my body more relaxed

In my Reiki session with Melissa I was reminded of the peace of being in the moment, the grace of being open to change, and the gift of healing. This was a trusting, caring, sharing of spirit. Through Melissas clear, focused, and powerful intention, I let my stress go and came into better balance. My thoughts are brighter and my body more relaxed because, without a review of my medical history, Melissa intuitively placed her hands where they needed to be, releasing blocks and letting in light.

Kerry F.

Yarmouth, ME

Everything about my session with Melissa was phenomenal.

Everything about my session with Melissa was phenomenal. She maintains a powerful healing environment that I could sense upon entering. Her words, and her touch flow with strong intention, clearly coming from a divine source. She is a conduit for that source and helps clients realize that we are all conduits of this universal life energy. The session gave me more physical and emotional ease. I slept soundly that night for the first time in months, and my sleep patterns continue to improve.

Cal C.

Portland, Maine

Truly a gifted Reiki healer

As a Reiki practitioner myself, I have experienced many sessions but none as profound as Melissas. Her style and technique of the practice took me on a beautiful journey within my body and spirit. She is truly a gifted Reiki healer. I highly recommend her multiple Reiki packages because one session is just the beginning of the journey together.

Karen S.

Cumberland Foreside, Maine

Life changing experiences

From a fellow Reiki Master I must say Melissa is a very powerful born healer that is following her true life purpose and truly enjoys helping people achieve a greater sense of what life has to offer. The distant healing sessions I have had have been very powerful & intense releases and life changing experiences. I am humbled to have been worked on by such an amazing white light. Anybody looking to help themselves would be blessed to have work done on themselves by her.

Luke L.


She has made such a difference

Melissa brings all of her gifts and well-honed skills to her practice with such care and humble confidence. She has made such a difference in how I feel by showing me ways to better understand and care for myself. We are in good hands with Melissa!

Jane D.


My sessions with Melissa Rose are all different

My sessions with Melissa Rose are all different, though there are recurring themes and experiences. I find our discussions after the reiki treatment to be immensely useful I can often make sense of my experience more fully after talking about it and hearing from Melissa Rose what her experience was like. I feel as if this exchange of experiences is a great mirror for me, and it is often useful in helping me resolve concerns and build healthier practices.

Karin A.

So. Portland