Traditional, Authentic Usui/Holy Fire Reiki classes taught by Melissa Rose Redman

Traditional, Authentic Usui/Holy Fire Reiki classes taught by Melissa Rose Redman

Certified and Registered Professional Member, International Center for Reiki Training

The classes combine lecture, discussion, attunements, meditations and experiential practice in a well organized, but relaxed program.All classes are designed so that anyone can benefit from the material presented. The class material is helpful for professionals such as nurses, massage therapists, physicians, or anyone who wishes to use Reiki for spiritual growth, or to help family, friends, or for the student’s own self-healing.

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I and II

  • 16 hours of instruction, and experiential practice;
  • Taught as a series between 2 days, 3 months apart;
  • 3 months between Reiki I and Reiki II allows for continuing practice, mentorship, Reiki shares and preparation for the next level course.
  • Sampling of what you will learn, and there is much more.

What Reiki is, how it heals, and its history;

  • Learn and review the authentic, traditional Reiki hand positions used for yourself and others.;
  • Practice and learn the intuitive method of hand placement, which can
  • clear mental and emotional blocks which may be holding you back in life;
  • Assessing the energy field with Reiki scanning, and beaming

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  • Usui/Holy Fire Reiki III/ART/ Master Practitioner Level
  • 8 hours of full instruction, and ample experiential practice time
  • Requirements: 1 year from Reiki II training any lineage

Sampling of what you will learn, and much more.

  • The Usui Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols and can be used for healing;
  • Learn the attributes and usage of the Usui Master symbol for treatments;
  • Using crystals and stones with Reiki and creating a Reiki crystal grid;
  • Reiki Aura Clearing that allows you to remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and send it to the light.

All classes are taught in the authentic and traditional manner from the, International Center for Reiki Training

Students receive:

  • Course manual from the International Center for Reiki Training
  • Certificate from the Reiki Membership Association
  • On-going support, mentorship, and private Reiki share opportunities
  • FB Private Forum

Class testimonials

This training was wonderful

After completing my initial Reiki I training with another provider, I can say unequivocally that this training was wonderful. It was, as promised, a thorough, loving, and healing course as we were guided through the experiences that led to our attunement and practice time with Melissa and her students. There was a great deal to learn, but all of the information was presented in a manageable way, with a manual provided to support our continued learning. The guided practice sessions were amazing. These allowed us to explore our personal approach and application of Reiki principles under Melissa's caring and loving guidance, with support from her former students

C. G., South Portland

Highly recommend Melissa

I would highly recommend Melissa to a friend interested in learning Reiki. Melissa is a gifted healer who is genuinely invested in teaching Reiki traditions thoroughly and accurately. Her teachings continue beyond the class to ensure her students feel comfortable and confident in providing Reiki sessions.

M.L., Gray